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17 January 2010 @ 12:08 am
 Well Hi! im reina  and im a fanfic freak LOL
i love TVXQ and i love to read fanfics so i can scape to a world of fantasy 
*only when i have free time T-T*
so i open this journal soo i could read fanfics
maybe someday im gonna write some *i have some ideas but my english sucks so i dont know....*
u can check my memories i have  tons of Jaemin/HoMin/JunMin/YooMin links there, theres a lot of awsome writers in here moste of the fanfics are so WOW!!! lol
*so i dont forget what im reading or missplace the links^^*
and i think thats all if i send u a friend request i  bet its cause u have  awsome private fics in your account so PLEASE ACCEPT ME  XD